Last year, young designer Yasya Khomenko was a participant in the small podium of MBKFD, this season she presented her collection on a large one.
Yasya was inspired by the images of fairy-tale heroines from Disney's screen versions to create his new collection: “Children understand the stories of fairy tales on the one hand, and adults - on the other.” This "other" side is what I wanted to open in my collection.
Virtually the entire show consists of dresses that resemble dresses made of bright cloth scraps.

The dominating palette of collection are shades of pink - from soft coral to deep lilac, and the main emphasis is placed on the game with light and ornament. In the “puppet models” of RCR Khomenko, simple fabrics prevail, which creates a contrast with the color scheme.
And although the clothes do not offer a variety of textures, the “naive femininity” of dresses fills this flaw.